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Friday, 16 April 2010 17:45

Shower Them With Baskets and Cakes

Diaper CakeI enjoy giving my friends creative and unique baby shower gifts.  It’s so much fun to put a little effort into making a beautiful gift that your friend will love!  We recently added our guide on how to create a perfect shower basket.  There are countless ways to personalize them. I hope that you will try making one of these baskets for a friend, they will LOVE it!

I am loving making diaper cakes too! I recently made one for my friend's baby shower (pictured to the left) and it looked so nice!  The best part was that it was very inexpensive to create.  The cost to make this medium sized diaper cake is about $40. You will need 1 large pack of diapers, rubber bands and some embellishments.   You can keep your gift to about $30 if you decorate the cake with simple ribbon or tulle, but you can add your own special touches too, like my pink nesting bird.  A larger cake would require more diapers and embellishments. I did not take pictures outlining the different steps to make this cake, I will do so next time, but you can find instructions for similar ones here.  You can make them unique to a baby's room decor, baby's gender or your own style!

The diaper cakes make a great centerpiece too! For more ideas check out this link. Happy crafting and creating!

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