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Tuesday, 27 July 2010 03:15

Why Scrapbooking

Making TortillasI love making stuff…today I made playdough with the kids and last weekend I finished a scrapbook for my goddaughter.

At Christmas time, we bake and make all sorts of little treats to give as gifts. I've also been known to make soap with the kiddos (although there was that soap making disaster in 2008!). I know, making stuff can take time and some of the projects are a little corny , but alas I enjoy making them. One of my favorite crafts is scrapbooking. By the way, make sure to visit our scrapbooking section on

I always knew that this hobby would be something I would enjoy, long before I was married or had kids. When I was young and I would happen to be in a Jo-Ann Fabrics or a Michaels, I would walk over to the sticker and scrapbooking section. Once in a while I could convince my mom to buy me a little something from this section and I would be so happy – really happy!  You could give me a new pack of colored paper and stickers over any toy anytime!

In college I would often wonder into the craft section of a local mom and pop hobby shop and buy a few items to make cards for my friends.  I would have bought much more stuff at the store, but I guess it was a good thing that I was broke!   When it was time to put together my wedding album, I put it together myself because I was not happy with what my photographer could do or what I could buy.  All very geeky!

Fast forward 7 years and 3 kids and I still enjoy scrapbooking. I actually wonder whether I will ever let my kids keep their scrapbooks because I have spent so much time on them!  Unfortunately, I find that I am having less and less time to work on this little hobby. Every now and then I wll get together with a friend and do some late night scrapbooking.  I like doing it because it's therapeutic for me.  As I sort through pictures, I remember lots of the good moments in my life and I am grateful for them.  I write down something special about a picture or two and I remember that life happens too fast and that I need to slow it down to enjoy the everyday moments.  I sit and chat with a good friend about life....all good stuff. Now if I could only start my son's baby scrapbook - he turns 2 years old tomorrow!

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