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Tuesday, 04 May 2010 16:50

Summer Plans

Written by Coco
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Family on VacationWhat are your travel plans for the upcoming summer?

Are you planning a staycation?  Are you going to keep your traveling local? Perhaps an exotic or tropical location in is your near future?

About 5 years ago, my husband and I took a trip to Hawaii for a friend's wedding - that was the last time we went away for a vacation. However, we have had no shortage of staycations and short getaways. We live in Southern California, so there are lots of opportunities for local adventures.  We’ve stayed at Disneyland for a night, gone up to Santa Barbara for a weekend, stayed with friends at their home in the mountains, or gone just down the street to the resort style hotel for a night.  Lately, I seem to be drawn to the idea of renting an RV and driving out to the Grand Canyon - maybe next year!

Since my parents live in Chicago, our trips to see them are the only real time we go away for more than a night or two.  And I just booked my tickets to Chicago!  I will fly with my 3 young kids from Los Angeles to Chicago to see my family for 2 ½ weeks this summer.  It’s gotten more expensive and difficult to travel with a growing family, but we’ve decided that once a year during the summer vacation months we will take a longer trip to Chicago so that the kids can spend time with their abuelitos.

Even though the troubled economy is still on our minds, 82% of Americans are planning some sort of summer getaway.  That number seems high to me, but many people are planning to stay local and keep vacations simple, spending less than $1000 on their vacation.  Whatever your plans may be, have a safe and happy time!  Stay tuned for lots of great tips on traveling with children and packing…

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