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Thursday, 20 May 2010 23:47

Eduardo Verastegui Interview

Written by Coco
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We recently sat down with actor and activist Eduardo Verastegui.  We talked about his current and future projects. Check out what he had to say to us about what's keeping him busy and motivated these days.


Coco:  Eduardo, can you tell us about your organization Manto de Guadalupe?

Eduardo: Manto de Guadalupe is an organization that I started in 2005. The idea was born to form a group that addresses extreme poverty and to assist low-income pregnant women with free medical assistance. We have a large group of volunteers and with their help we have been on service missions to México and Darfur. Without them we could not carry out these service projects.  Going to Darfur was very moving, because the people have suffered so much.

One of the things that we did on this service mission was to build several wells…..access to clean water is life changing for them.  It’s something very basic that we take for granted, but in these communities access to clean water 24/7 makes a big difference.  Our next one service trip is this upcoming June, we will be going to Haiti. Those of us who have traveled on these service missions have found that even though they live in extreme poverty, they have joy that lives within them.  It’s been a very wonderful experience for me, to participate in these trips.  We want to also encourage people to have a voice, to stand up for the voiceless and defenseless.

Coco:  I am looking forward to attending your event on May 23rd at the Los Angeles Convention Center.  Can you tell us more about it?

Eduardo: It’s going to massive, wonderful…for the $30 ticket price you get to hear great artists, but you help support a good cause.  I am going to host the event but we will have many Latino celebrities to entertain those who attend.  Singer Emmanuel will be there, so will Latin Grammy winner Alexander Acha and actress Karyme Lozano and some surprises. Mariachi Sol de Mexico will also be performing….The doors open at 7 a.m. Our goal is to raise funds to provide low income women a place where they can receive quality medical care.  It’s going to be very moving, if you can't attend, you can also make a donation online or watch the event online.

Coco:   It’s clear that your life is very different than what you envisioned it would be 15 years ago, what motivated you today and where do see your life in the next 10-15 years.

Eduardo: Well, I am motivated by very different things now.   I am motivated by my faith and my desire to help those in need. I was able to achieve what I wanted in my career – and more, but after doing so I realized that I was not happy, I was confused.  I had everything I wanted, but at the same time I had nothing.  I was empty, sad, alone and bored….I was hurting, depressed…slowly, with some help, I began to realize that as an actor I had a responsibility to pick projects that had a positive impact or message….This was very different for me. When I started my career I had very selfish reasons for being an actor/singer.  I wanted the fame, the money, etc...I see it all as a process, a life process...But there was a definite point when I decided to change my life…It was then that I had a new vision and mission for my life, a new purpose.  I am not saying that fame and wealth are bad things, we just have to remember that they are only a means, not the end.  Means that when well used can do a lot of good, for others…

I don’t like to think about my future that way.  There are things that I think would be nice, but I am going to let my faith guide me.  I think about my future in terms of what projects I want to work on, but I try  to focus on the present and my current responsibilities…I want to be surrounded by my loved ones, I could be married with a family, I would love that, or who knows, enter a monastery, or I don’t know, I think about a lot of things.  

Coco:   We loved you in Bella, tell us about what projects you are working on?

Eduardo:   In June we start work on a movie in Mexico titled Cristiada.    Actor Andy Garcia is working on the film as well.  It will be filmed in México in late June and it tells the story of the Cristeros, who were a group of people that were religiously persecuted by the Mexican government during early 20th century…   

Coco:  Thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us today.  Good luck on Sunday and with your current projects.

Eduardo: Thank you, Coco, I really appreciate all the support and prayers...I hope that some of your readers and fans at can attend our May 23rd event.  The support has been incredible and we hope to continue to do good work.

Los Angeles, CA/May 12, 2010

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