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Wednesday, 02 June 2010 15:20

Being Grateful Today

Written by Coco
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SunsetWow, I can’t believe that it’s June. The past few months have been such an adventure, busy busy busy! Family, the website and personal commitments all seemed to kick into high gear the last 3 months. It’s been very easy for me to complain about all the “to do's” and all that has gone wrong with projects, but today I am grateful.

I am grateful for what I have in my life and I pray that I may say thank you for these blessings in my life every day and appreciate them even more. Yes, I am a little emotional tonight. You see, a little 2-year-old boy from our community died today. It’s all very sad…he fell into a pool last week and was in too long before someone got him out. I didn’t know his family, but I have interacted with the boy’s mother at church a few times. She is one of the kindest ladies I have ever met, she seems be so patient and loving with her children.

The day I found out about the little boy's accident was a strong reminder for me to love all the good in my life. That day I was running late to church. I had been running late all day, because of my kids. My house was a mess, I had missed my morning run and the “to do” list was out of control. As I heard the news at church, my heart stopped. I wanted to run home and hug my 3 kids….

Today I just want be grateful. Grateful for what did get done rather than thinking of what yet has to get crossed off the to do list. Grateful for every day, even the bad ones. Grateful that I have 3 kids to tuck in tonight…Grateful that my heart is not hurting.


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