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Saturday, 19 June 2010 06:33

"Nothing" For Father's Day

Written by Coco
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Dad feetHappy Father’s Day Weekend!

I have asked my husband a few times over the past two weeks what he would like to do for this father’s day and all I keep getting is “nothing.”

Hmm…really, nothing?  See, on Mother’s Day I like to do stuff, not do “nothing.” I like to have stuff done for me too and my husband does a wonderful job of spoiling me.  Homemade gourmet brunch anyone?

So how do I show my appreciation to my hubby for being an amazing father to our three kids?  Yes, the kids have some cool crafts ready to give him.  But really, “nothing” is what he wants to do? As I write this blog entry he's is in Florida, working until tomorrow and then taking a 6 hour flight back home - only to change his clothes – and go back out for a networking event.

Yes, I am beginning to understand why he wants to do “nothing” on his day.  The past 4 weeks have included a trip to China, Chicago, Florida and next week it's Chicago.  I see - he's overworked and the idea of sitting on the couch watching TV all day with his kids as he eats his favorite foods sounds very good to him!  Ok, fine, he can do "nothing," but the problem is that I don’t really enjoy doing just "nothing” – part of my nature, I feel like I always need to be up and doing something productive or cleaning.  Dan keeps me centered, he reminds me that you have to take time to just enjoy life, by doing “nothing.” That's why he's a great dad - he's the one the kids wants to hang out with on the weekend.  He doesn't need a plan to make a day a good day with the kids.

Then again, last year he wanted us to do “nothing” on his birthday, so we stayed home, had a small cake and did nothing. That night he asked me why I hadn’t planned “something.” Oh boy, I should get planning – 1 day left!

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