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Thursday, 22 July 2010 04:25

Introducing My Parents To Facebook

Written by Coco
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On my recent trip to Chicago I taught my parents about Facebook. They do not use computers, although my mom once took a basic computer class and is familiar with some things about them. In the past I have shown them how the internet and email work.

As a matter of fact, the very small town that my parents are from in Mexico in the state of San Luis Potosi once had a website (now it only has a Facebook page). My dad enjoyed having me show him the webpage so he could look at the pictures that guests had posted, especially those of fiestas. He liked recognizing familiar faces and sometimes my mom and he would try to figure out who a certain person in a picture was or who they could be related to. One of our internet exploring highlights was when I showed him a satellite picture of his house on Google maps. He also wanted to see what his hometown in Mexico looked like on the map...he loved it!

So, anyway, back to the Facebook lesson. My parents and I were having dinner one night when I started giving them an update on our family…did they know that so and so was moving, how about that we needed to pray for this person or did they know that my cousin just had a baby. They weren’t aware of all these things and they wanted to know how I knew, so I explained to them that we all keep in touch via Facebook.  I found it a little funny that I was the one with the family updates, it's usually my mom who has them.  I brought out my computer to show them how Facebook works.  It was sort of confusing to them at first, but they caught on.  They had a vague idea of it because I had mentioned it to them before, but they had not actually seen it.

My dad was curious if his hometown had a Facebook page and of course he wanted to see the pictures on it. My mom wanted her own account, but was unsure if she would ever really use it.  This seemed to frustrate her. They couldn't believe that some of our relatives were on Facebook. And they REALLY wanted to see my sibling's pages - luckily no one has any embarrassing pictures on their profile!  We left messages for some family members, including my siblings, and within a day or so had gotten messages back!

And then there was the time that my 6 year-old daughter logged onto one of her favorite online sites for kids all by herself in front of my parents – they were simply amazed…I’ll write about that another day!

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