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Thursday, 24 February 2011 21:51

How Latino Families Shop

Written by Coco
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Latino Family shopping

I recently came home from a long day of running errands ready for a nap, mostly because I had my 3 small children with me.   Bank – check,  Target – check,  grocery store – check, craft store (of course!) – check.

On this particular day, after all the errands, I came across an interesting study. The tag line caught my attention - "Did I know that Latinas were less likely too shop alone?”  I laughed, not because I’m Latina and tend to run errands with my kids, but because it reminded me of growing up and running many errands with mi familia!

The Hispanic Moms Acculturation Study was released by the BabyCenter and is part of the 21st Century Mom™ Insight Series, "which offers key insights into the influence of acculturation on moms' behaviors and preferences related to shopping, mealtime, media consumption, and more."

Some of the findings that I found particularly interesting are:

  • Shopping: Hispanic Moms Are Brand Loyal and Love to Shop With Their Families. Not only did more Hispanic moms vs. the general population report that they love to shop, but shopping is also regarded as a family affair.   Hispanic moms are three times less likely to shop alone!  Most interesting was that 54% of Latinas share their purchase decisions with spouses or partners vs. 44% of non-Hispanics.
  • Mealtime: An Important Way of Connecting to Culture at Every Acculturation Level.  I found it interesting that even though Hispanic moms reported more than non-Hispanic moms that dinner is the best time of day, the more acculturated the Hispanic mothers become, the more packaged foods are used in the home.
  • Media Consumption: Culture Drives the Conversation Between Brands and Latina Moms. Hispanic moms prefer images of family and togetherness vs. individual pursuits when it comes to advertising.

This got me thinking about my last trip to Chicago to visit my parents.  I noticed that at the local Target near my parent’s house (which is located in a predominately Mexican community) many of the shoppers at the store were in small groups – with tias, abuelas and niños in tow.  I still recall my family's trips to the grocery store and to the local Kmart when I was growing up.  My mother didn’t drive until I was in middle school, so it was very common for my dad (rather reluctantly), my mom and the four kids to run errands together, mostly on the weekends.  I actually liked running most of these errands with my family.   For some of the errands, I would even serve as an English translator for my Spanish speaking parents, like when we went to the bank, Home Depot or stores outside our mostly Mexican community.

This got me thinking a little bit more about how Latino families shop…maybe even more so because we are working at to open our online store (stay tuned, by the way!).

The website Latino Marketing Pro highlights the growing acknowledgement of the Latino buying power, specifically how mainstream companies are seeking to reach out to Latino costumers through Latino-focused retail formats.  They highlight retail giant Wamart, a favorite for Latinos, who in 2009 debuted its first “Supermercado de Walmart” store in Houston, shortly followed by another store in Phoenix.

Latino MarketIn addition to having bilingual staff members, patrons can find a variety of Latino items and a large bakery section with traditional Latino sweet bread and tortillas.  Sam’s Club and many others are also taking notice.   “The factors that influence Latinos’ decisions of where to shop are very similar to those of the general population: convenience, low prices and a wide selection of merchandise. However, many Latino consumers have additional priorities that they consider very important, such as store employees who speak Spanish, products relevant to Latino consumers, and Spanish-language signs.”

As Vidacoco continues to develop our online store, I am sure I'll have lots to think about...


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