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Saturday, 02 March 2013 00:07

Huggies: Potty Training & Madrinas del Bano Program

Written by Coco
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Pull Ups LogoI am very happy to share with you a new partnership between Vidacoco and Huggies!   I am officially one of their Madrinas del Baño - working with their Pull-Ups brand to bring you lots of potty training tips, based on my experience and expert advice.

I hope that these posts will help readers in some keys ways:

  • Pull-Ups is motivating parents to stick with Potty Training.  I will post helpful tips on how to deal with challenges that many of us have encountered with the process.
  • Every try by our children in their quest to potty train deserves a little celebration!
  • Did you know that four million toddlers will embark on potty training each year? It's important to understand the process so they stop when setbacks occur (they tend to always to!) you can continue towards potty training success.
  • Many myths can surround the process of potty training. What are they and how can we address them?
  • Find out more about why experts say you shouldn’t start training your little one until they are ready.
  • Training pants can help make potty training a fun and easy!
  • Find out about helpful tools and resources, such as the Pull-Ups Big Kid App which helps parents with potty training.

When Do I Potty Train?

Potty Training I can honestly say that having potty trained 3 kids, the right time to potty train has has happened at different ages for each child.  I pushed my 1st born to potty train on the early side.  All the “signs” that she was ready were present, so when we was 18 months I started the potty training process with her.   Overall, it went pretty smoothly, however, she had a very difficult time with night time potty training.

My   2nd daughter started day time potty training when she was 2.5 and a few months later she was night time potty trained too!  She was by far the asiest one to potty train, it really took little effort on my part.  I think that seeing her big sister use the potty was really encouraging and it helped her to potty train very quickly.

My 4 year old son potty trained when he was 3 years old, the latest of the kids potty trained, but it took him less than a week to potty train - the shortest amount of time!  My youngest is 22 months old and he's just about ready to start too! The kiddos are all below!

Potty Training KidsWhen do I start? As you can see, potty training can look very different from child to child, even within the same family.  There are signs that can signal that your child is ready for the potty training process. It's important that you start when your child is ready, not when your mom, friends or other moms say that your child is ready to potty train. Consider these signals

  • Your chid wants to be changed after pooping.
  • They tell you that they have pooped their diaper.
  • They have an interest in the potty.
  • Everyone must know the "potty training plan" and be on board.

What's a Potty Training Plan?  Once you have determined that your child is ready to begin the potty training process, decide what approach you want to use.  Things to consider are:

  • How often do you want your child to use the potty?
  • Will your child use a small child sized potty or will they use the regular toilet?
  • People who spend time with your child must be aware of how you are potty training and be on board to help when they are with your child.
  • What is your expected time frame?   Do you want to work on this very hard for 1 week - almost never leaving the house - or are you prepared to give it more time?   I am not sure what is better, I think it depends on your lifestyle and how quickly the process moves along.

What about setbacks? Setbacks will happen, often. Have patience when they do or when the process takes longer than you wanted/expected it to.  When accidents do happen, I found that it was a good idea to have the child help me clean it up.  I explained to them that the pee and poo go in the toilet, not on the floor, etc.   I found that our setbacks usually occurred when our family schedule became increasingly busy or when a new baby arrived in our family.   It can be extremely easy to become frustrated with the potty training process when setbacks occur; but don't give up. The setbacks are temporary, eventually they will get the hang of it.

Make it fun! Make the potty training process fun with a few simple ideas.  If you decide to use a child sized potty, consider letting your child picking one out.  Consider using a rewards system to celebrate each time your child successfully uses the potty. I used them with all 3 kids and found that they worked really well.  You can make your own or simply google "potty chart template" and many options are available.  We used a very simple potty training chart and each time time they successfully went to the bathroom we placed a gold star on it.  My son liked having his starts placed on his shirt and showing them of!  You can consider giving your child a simple reward for their successes.  If you don't use rewards elsewhere, don't worry.  Remember that lots of positive reinforcement, attention and love are also key! Celebrate in whatever way is right for your family...Check out how Huggies helped some kids celebrate - wow!

Stay tuned for future posts on this topic! Meanwhile, visit to learn more about Pull-Up and check out this video on YouTube.

This is part of a compensated campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and Pull Ups.  However, all opinions expressed are my own.

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