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Friday, 16 April 2010 01:33

Mommy Complaints

Written by Coco
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It’s easy for me to find something to complain about. Right now, I want to complain about the endless laundry, the not so clean house and the charity event that I am working on. There are days when one little incident is all I can complain about or on some days a series of little negative incidents over the course of the day add to my frustration and then I explode.Stressed mom

Case in point. The other day I woke up early, showered and even blow dried my hair, a little make up too. I felt like my morning was off to such a great start. The kids were ready for school on time! I picked up my 20 month old son and headed out the door, got the kids in the car, and then I saw a LARGE yellow stain on my white shirt. My son’s diaper leaked all over me! I was so angry and I said (Ok, I screamed) something like “Danny, you pooped on mommy! Not good!” My son looked a little concerned and said “Uh-oh.” It was cute…and cuter when he pointed at it and said “ca ca” – that’s poop in Spanish.

My 6 year old daughter wisely reminded me that he was just a “mischievous baby” and it wasn’t his fault. Ok, point taken. I meant to go home and change my stained shirt after morning school drop off, but my day got hectic and I just did not get around to it. I actually forgot about the stain until much later in the day. I finally changed my shirt – it was a big stain – but it didn’t seem like a big deal anymore.

That night I received an email about a family at my daughter’s preschool. They had lost their home in a fire over spring break and were in desperate need of everything. They were safe, but had lost it all – pictures, family momentos, clothes, toys, important documents, it was all gone. They had a serious problem, my dirty shirt was not.

The moms at the school didn’t even mention the poop stain, maybe it was because they knew exactly what it was and understood or had stains of their own that day too.

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