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Wednesday, 05 November 2014 12:26

Eating Healthy on Thanksgiving Day

Written by Coco
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Thanksgiving Card

Are you thinking about consuming too much of all the delicious food on Thanksgiving? Are you trying to watch your calorie intake or just trying to be healthy? Can you stay on track with your health goals this Thanksgiving?

Yes, by following s few simple tips you can enjoy all the wonderful foods and still be good to your health.

Healthy Tips:

Try some of these suggestions:

  1. Don't arrive hungry: We are more likely to overeat and indulge at our Thanksgiving meal if we arrive hungry.  Have a healthy snack before you leave and start your morning off right with a nutritious breakfast.
  2. Smart appetizers: Use a fruit platter or a veggie platter with a low-calorie dip.  How about a shrimp platter with a low-calorie cocktail sauce?   Offer to bring a healthy appetizer dish that you can enjoy.
  3. Good sides: Breads and other biscuits are plentiful on Thanksgiving, but try picking up a whole grain alternative.   Whole grain bread products contain fiber that helps lower bad cholesterol and helps prevent gastrointestinal diseases.   Pick vegetables that are deep in color and high in nutrients, like broccoli or green beans instead of mashed potatoes or creamed corn.  You can sample all the different foods, just remember to go for smaller portions.  Limit those sides that are high in fat too.  While it's not super important to count the calories, just remember that moderation is key.
  4. Red wine versus white wine? The darker the color, the more antioxidants.
  5. Check out your plate: Follow the power plate rule:  1/2 of your plate should be fruits or veggies, 1/4 should be whole grains or starch and 1/4 should be your lean protein - gotta love that good for you turkey! Eat slowly too.
  6. Drink lots of water! Alcohol and coffee can dehydrate you, so drink lots of water to stay hydrated and full.
  7. And let’s not forget dessert! Make a dessert that includes lots of fruit.  Check out our delicious suggestions.   We love the Very Berry Parfait and Kristine Lopez's Great Pumpkin Cookies. If you are going for pie, stick to your lower calorie options like pumpkin or fruit pie and skip pecan and chocolate pies.
  8. Leftovers!  Try making turkey soup with leftovers instead of high calorie sandwiches.

Host tips:

If you are hosting this wonderful get together, follow some of these tips to give your guests some healthy options at your meal.

    • Have lots of veggies and fruit as part of your appetizers.
    • Make healthy substitutions in your meals.   Try adding chicken broth, garlic and herbs into your mashed potatoes instead of butter.  For dips use greek yogurt instead of sour cream because it has less fat and has a very similar consistency.
    • Use low fat ingredients.
    • Start with a large salad as your entree.
    • Serve whole grain breads.
    • Serve a fruit based dessert.

Last Minute Recipes - healthy and tasty!

Still planning out your meal?  No problem, we've done the leg work for you!  The following websites have posted a wide selection of recipes that are waist friendly and good too.

Whether you are hosting the big meal at your home or traveling across town or across the country, we hope that you have a wonderful time with your family & friends!
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