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Friday, 06 May 2011 16:25

Healthy Eating Rules

Written by Coco
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How often do you let your kids just enjoy being kids and let them load up on sugar and other things they may not normally eat? I try to encourage my children to eat healthy and for the most part we do a good job around our house of accomplishing healthy eating habits. We take them to the farmer’s market almost every week, we have them help in the planning and preparation of family meals and encourage them to make healthy eating choices.

But do you allow your healthy eating habits rules to be bent and how often? I sometimes struggle with this balance, maybe because I also like to enjoy things that aren’t so great for you every now and then. I simply can’t resist having a few french fries or having my mother in law’s homemade treats. There are some traditional Latino treats that I just love - buñuelos anyone?  My mother just spent two weeks with us, helping our family adjust to life with a newborn, and my kids definitely enjoyed her stay….partly because she buys them all sorts of things to eat that we don’t normally purchase in our house – the sugary cereal is a big hit with the kids! However, even my mom – who is skeptical of things “organic” being healthier than non-organic items - had her fridge stocked with our favorite organic milk and yogurt the last time we visited her and my father in Chicago.

I want my kids to know what healthy foods are and to enjoy eating them, but I also want them to know that it’s ok to enjoy certain treats once in a while too. My kids do drink chocolate milk – the organic and low fat kind. My kids eat burgers and french fries every now and then. We buy organic frozen yogurt but also allow them to have “real” ice cream. We always allow them to pick out their birthday cake and don’t limit sugar on holidays. And yes, on occasion they go with their grandparents to McDonalds. Is it about balance or should we be strict with our healthy eating rules? How often do you allow your kids to eat junk food?   We'd love to hear about what works for your family...


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