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Friday, 28 September 2012 10:48

Milk Helps With A Good Night Sleep & Giveaway!

Written by Coco
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"It's time to go to bed."   These words are often met with moans from children, but establishing a bedtime ritual or bedtime routine can do wonders in helping your children get to bed a little easier. With school back in session and after school activities in full swing, I need my kids to be well rested so a bedtime routine in our home is important.

In our family, reading has been a part of our bedtime ritual since my oldest child was a still baby. I remember when she was so tiny, often wondering if she had any interest in the words I was reading to her.   Every night I would bathe her, feed her and then snuggle up with her on the bed to read to her.   Eventually, she started to “read” to me – babbling all sorts of things as she pointed excitedly to the pictures in the book.  This time is very memorable to me - mostly because I discovered a whole new set of favorite storybooks. 

When my second daughter was born, I had two little people in the bed with me participating in this awesome bedtime routine. Fast forward a few years and our bedtime reading time still takes place, but this time with 4 young kids! After dinnertime and once we make sure that homework is complete, they have a bath and then we read for about 20 minutes.  It’s hard to get them all in one place for our reading time because they have separate bed times, so usually my oldest (who is now 8.5 years old) reads to one of the kids to help me out.  I LOVE that she wants to read to her siblings and that her siblings love having a big sister read to them - they enjoy the different voices that she gives the characters.  She does a MUCH better job than mom! In the pictures below she is reading "Las Olas De La Luna" (The Waves Of The Moon).  Now that she is old enough to have more responsibilities, she pours the glasses of milk that my kids drink before going bed.  I find that having a glass of milk as part of their bedtime routine helps them sleep better - which is very nice for me!                                                                        

Sometimes we get a little creative with our bedtime routine, like on this night when we attended a “library night" at my daughter’s school. One of the school rooms was transformed into a storytime wonderland, complete with lots of books, live storytelling and milk for the kids.  How cute!

Now that my 6-year-old is reading, she also likes to help me out at bedtime by reading to her younger brothers.  I just love this picture of her reading to her younger brother!  The baby of my family is now 1.5-years-old and although he can't read he sees lots of reading going on around the house.  I am not sure why my pictureless prayer book interested him, but hey, I love that he was babbling outloud pretending to read!

We have many favorite bedtime books and stories around our house, but our latest favorites are found at You can visit the site and download some adorable bedtime stories that you and child can read together as part of your bedtime ritual.  The stories are a great way for you and your child to spend quality time together and help them prepare for a good night's sleep. One of my son’s favorites is “Elena The Slurping Monkey” while my daughters LOVE “Benito the Elephant.” These stories are also available in Spanish, which is wonderful since I am always looking for ways to practice it with my kids.  The characters are super cute too!

Make sure to check out the stories, enter our GIVEAWAY (see below) and visit “Maestro del Vaso Medio Lleno” on Facebook.

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