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Thursday, 17 January 2013 18:09

New Year's Goals: Exercise #positivismo

Written by Coco
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Healthy Sign Did you a resolution to lead a healthier lifestyle this year?  For many people, a new year means new health and fitness goals.  While our fitness goals often start strong, many of us find that keeping up with an exercise routine becomes a challenge.

One of the most common reasons that keeps a lot of people from maintaining or even starting an exercise program is that they believe the myths that exercise needs to be done at an expensive gym or that could simply never be an active gym going type of person.  Both are wrong!   In truth, plenty of scientific research actually shows that, any kind, and any amount of exercise is better than none at all.   Did you know that according to research, in spite of all the hype on trendy exercise programs, for many individuals it is easier to stick to a home-based fitness program?

That’s right - you do not need a gym membership! In order to get your daily dose of overall-just-good-for-you physical activity you only need a pair of athletic shoes, comfortable clothes and a little motivation.   Keep it simple!   That’s why I am so excited to share with you The California Milk Processor Board’s  new series of ten (10) “Hazlo Ejercicio” video segments to encourage you to get up and get moving!   The trainer and his assistant will coach through the video segments, just like having your own personal training, for free and at home!  The exercise routines are fun to do, especially with your family, right at home!

The video segments will air on Despierta America every weekday morning from January 7th to January 18th between 7 am and 8 am (PST), but you can always visit to watch more easy-to-do exercise videos and share them with your friends.

One of the reasons I am super excited about sharing the video series with you is because I am expecting my 5th child and staying healthy throughout this pregnancy is super important to me.   With 4 other young children in the house, getting to the gym can be hard for me on some days, so having a great selection of easy and fun exercises to do at home is a great fitness option!

One of my favorite exercises from the series is called the Ninja Black.  The name is cool, but the exercise is super easy to do.  See, all you need is a mop (or broom!).  The Youtube video will show you exactly how to do it!

Ninja Black

A few other tips:

  • Do not try to do it all at once: short bouts work just as well. Scientific research shows that moderate-intensity physical activity can be accumulated throughout the day in 10-minute intervals, and it can be just as effective as exercising for 30 minutes uninterrupted.  Small exercise segments are ALWAYS better than no exercise at all!
  • Daily fitness-time. Set aside specific days and times for exercise, and just make it as much a regular part of your daily schedule as everything else you do. Make it your goal to carve out your own special time to take care of your health.
  • The family that works out together... Recruit friends, family, and children in your mission to health. Think of it as showing them how much you love them by motivating them to be active and healthy!

This is part of a sponsored campaign with the California Milk Processor Board and Latina Mom Bloggers. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

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