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Friday, 12 April 2013 13:07

GIVEAWAY & Starting Potty Training

Written by Coco
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Honestly, I haven’t been in a rush to potty train my youngest son, Anthony, who is 2 years old today.   I felt the pressure to potty train his older siblings much more than I have with him, especially with my oldest.  I came to the conclusion that just letting my kids start potty training when several of the “readiness” signs are present is a better approach than starting the process when I want/need them to be ready.  They are more willing to potty train and I am less stressed about the whole process. 

Up until a few weeks ago, Anthony was only interested in doing this when he went into the bathroom - getting the toilet paper and, well, making a big mess!

A playing with TP

I am also currently pregnant with my 5th child and this seemed to complicate Anthony’s potty training a bit. Part of me wanted to wait on the potty training process until after the baby was born.  Honestly, up until a few weeks ago, he really had no interested in wanting to use the bathroom.  We even received an awesome celebratory package from our friends at Pull-Ups.   I hoped that it would encourage him to start the potty training process.  It came with his own potty training seat and set of Pull Up. The package also included a potty training progress chart, coloring sheets, stickers and a few neat items for helping him celebrate potty training milestones. However, what he really wanted to do was play with the potty training seat that came in the package and wear it around his head!

After participating in a teleconference with two child rearing experts as part of this campaign, I was more convinced than ever that we would start potty training when we was ready, not when I wanted or needed him to be.   Then, a funny thing happened.   In the course of a few weeks, he started showing all the signs of potty training readiness.  He would tell me that his diaper was dirty and would bring me a new one!   He wanted to follow his older brother (he is 4.5) into the bathroom and would say “me” while pointing to the toilet.  I decided it was time.

I pulled out the awesome package he received from Pull-Ups and this time he was super interested in not just playing with all the neat items, but USING them.

Potty Training Feet

We are a few days into the potty training process and so far it’s been going ok.   We have had about a 50% success rate…which is not great, but this kid LOVES his potty seat and his reward system.   The Pull Ups Big Kid App is one of the tools that has been helping him stay motivated and it keeps me on top of this task (it’s easy to lower it's priority when you have 4 other young children in the house who also need you).  I love it!   Check out all the neat features in the snapshot below!   I love the countdown timers starring Disney’s Lighting McQueen and Minnie Mouse - they help me know when it’s time to remind my son to take a Potty Break.  I tend to forgot!  Plenty of helpful hints and an entire library of expert articles to help keep you

Pull Ups App

GIVEAWAY! So what do you think of Anthony’s potty training gifts?  Could they help your little one get started or encourage them with the potty training process?  If so, enter to win a celebratory package from Pull-Ups in our GIVEAWAY!

You can enter on this link:   a Rafflecopter giveaway

To learn more about Pull-Ups visit them, on Facebook and to check out the video on YouTube.

This is part of a compensated campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and Pull Ups.  However, all opinions expressed are my own.

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