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Wednesday, 21 April 2010 07:05

Que Es "Green"?

Written by Coco
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Dish SoapWhile at the grocery store a few days ago a conversation between two young girls and an older women caught my attention. I assume that they were all probably related.  The conversation caught my attention because one of the young girls (she may have been around 12 years old) was translating English product labels for the older women.

The older women looked at her grocery list and asked the young girl in Spanish to get her dish soap. The girl looked at the various brands and pointed to one and said “este” (this one).  She grabbed the bottle and read the label out loud in English, something about the soap being a "green" product – it was the same brand I had in my shopping cart too.  The women asked the girl “Y que es eso?” (What's that?).

The girl proceeded to tell her that “green” is "no tiene cosas malas” (it doesn’t have bad stuff).  The women asked her what kind of bad stuff she was talking about.  The young girl said that she wasn’t sure, but that “green” products are better to use.  The women shrugged her arms and asked “Ok, y cuanto?” (how much is it?). The girl read the price - $2.99 per bottle - but she added that they were on sale….buy 2 get 1 free.  The women asked the girl if she thought the soap would clean well, the girl responded that she thought it would.  They put the 3 dish soap bottles in their cart.

This interaction reminded me of my childhood.  I remember going to the grocery store with my mom and having to read the English product labels and then translating them into Spanish for her.   What truly caught my attention was that the young girl was educating the older women about what a “green” product label means. I just don’t know if the woman decided to buy the “green” soap because she wanted a "green" product or because the brand was on sale.


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