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Saturday, 25 January 2014 07:39

I was "that" lame mom today

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Today, I totally was THAT lame mom in front of about 15 middle school kids.   AND I am so happy about that!

It was the perfect afternoon for meeting a few friends at the park after school.  Sorry friends who don't live in SoCal, we had pretty awesome weather this week.   Anyway,  I volunteered to drive over to the nearest Starbucks and get our sleep deprived bodies some caffeine.  As I drove past the middle school located near the coffee shop, I cringed. Not because I don't like adolescents,  but because I knew that there would be a LONG line at Starbucks.  It's a thing around here, kids seem to flock to the nearest Starbucks after school!

Ok, so I park and go into the Starbucks and sure enough I'm #100 in line, well, ok #10, behind 9 middle schoolers.   Behind me, a bunch of middle school boys.  The funniest part was that I think every kid in there was taller than me!  I didn't mind my place in line too much until the 3 boys behind me started talking.  They were APPALLING!   Ok, I know, boys "are like that" you may say...."Oh you must never get out" or "that's just what kids say these days," but honestly I was taken by surprise.  I will spare you all the details, but basically they were joking abut RAPE!  To both sexes!

They were talking about some of the nastiest things on TV.  Oh, and when the pack of girls arrived and got in the line (way back) the sexual jokes only got worse.  One of the girls was texting with one of the boys in the group. Apparently, her texts were an open invitation to the boys to talk about her body.  I will spare you that part.  It was then that I texted one of my friends back at the park that I was pretty sure that one of those boys had just taken a picture of my rear.   I was THIS close to taking the boy's phone, just to make sure!

Finally, I get up to the front of the line and order.  The 2nd cashier takes the order from one the boys and he gets it wrong.  What happens?   The boy teases him! It was time for me to "go mommy" on him, so I gave him "the look." You know, THAT look that you would give your child if you caught them saying something totally inappropriate. He may or may not have cared.  Then, I am waiting for my drink.  Another parent and I commiserate at the sad state of our youth.  Ok, it wasn't that dramatic, but you get the point.   The boys are waiting for their drinks too.   One takes out a few dollar bills and tells one boy to dance "like a ho" for it.  Yes, you guessed it, he starts dancing! The other kid looks at me and says "you should throw him money."  I looked at ALL of them and said "I'm old enough to be his mom, that would be gross."  I was loud.  People looked.  The nice cashier says to me "they are good kids."  I look at the cashier (I felt like I was being reprimanded) and said "maybe, but they are not now."  Then I look at the kids and asked "if your mom was standing right here would you say that?"   They all looked at me.  Yes, embarrassment.

Anyway, my order was ready and I'm sure that as I walked away they laughed and probably put that earlier picture on the web under #lamemom or #crazylady.  BUT keep your faith in our youth!  A middle school boy not with the group opened the door for me on my way out and told me that those boys are so gross and he apologized to me on their behalf!   Wow!!  His mom, who was waiting for him inside her parked car, must have thought it was weird that I was talking with her son, so I walked over to her and thanked her for raising a nice young man.  She was quite proud.

This got me thinking about a few things.  First, I prayed that my boys would be the kind that open doors for a lady with 4 coffees in her hand and not the kind that joke about rape  2.  I asked God to please let my daughters see and know their true worth and beauty, independent of what any boy thinks of her and  3.  I thought about an awesome article I just read titled 17 Things Boys Need From Their Moms. I know,  perhaps I overreacted (I am not around middle schoolers often, my oldest is only 9); but I felt the need to say something.

I told my friends all about it at the park...we pretty much agreed that our boys should stay in Kindergarten, forever!   On a serious note, I think that I go out of my way to spend one-on-one time with my two girls.  To let them know that they are loved, that they are smart, that they awesome.   I need to do more of the same for my boys. Here's hoping and praying I am helping raise door holders!

What do you think, it is our place to say something to kids (that are not our own) when they say inappropriate things?

And now, I leave you with "crazy mom"...aka me at Starbucks this afternoon.








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