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Friday, 12 April 2013 13:07

GIVEAWAY & Starting Potty Training

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Honestly, I haven’t been in a rush to potty train my youngest son, Anthony, who is 2 years old today.   I felt the pressure to potty train his older siblings much more than I have with him, especially with my oldest.  I came to the conclusion that just letting my kids start potty training when several of the “readiness” signs are present is a better approach than starting the process when I want/need them to be ready.  They are more willing to potty train and I am less stressed about the whole process. 

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Hasbro LogoMy 4 year-old-son loves superheroes and I am very happy that he does!   I feel like I am constantly reminding him to "act like a gentlemen" or help his sisters or play (nicely) with his bother.  It’s only recent that he’s become fascinated with superheroes and it seems a little easier for him to comply with the behavior that I am asking from him.  Coincidence? I am not sure, but he has come up with the line "super heroes are good leaders."  This kid cracks me up!

Thus, it came as no suprise to me that wanted to dress up as a superhero for Halloween.  I didn't want to spend money on a costume that he would only wear once, but instead wanted one that would provide him with year-long dress up possibilities.  That’s why I excited to review Hasbro’s the Amazing Spiderman Hero FX Mask, Glove and Chest Light.  I knew that he would love dressing up as one of his favorite superheroes!

Hasbro Spider-man maskHasbro Glove Spider-manLight Chest Hasbro

I made the mistake of telling my son about the Spider-Man role-play toys when they were still on their way to us, so naturally he asked about them ALL the time.  He practically ripped through the shipping box when it arrived at our house and could hardly contain himself.  He immeditaley took all the items out of the their packaging, put them on and headed out the back door into the backyard, no doubt to save the world!

The first item that my son wanted to try on was the mask.  This electronic mask features light-up eyes and sound effects.   It also says phrases from the movie!  I'm more practical than my son - I like that the the mask can easily be adjusted on the back.
Spiderman maskSpiderman mask
The glove was a huge hit too!  He loves that by simply moving his hands around, the sensors are activated and produce web shooting sound effects!
Spider-man gloveSpiderman glove

The chest light is so cool as well, it easily attaches to his shirt and features more lights and sound effects.  He had the best time trying out all the Amazing Spider-Man role-play toys.  As a matter of fact, since they first arrived at our home he's played with the them a daily basis.
I LOVE that they encourage him to use his creativity. I am not sure sure how he managed to "create" the webs with my laundry line rope, but he thinks it looks super cool!
I understood my son's excitement over the Habro's Marvel superhero themed role-play toys - superhereos are everywhere because kids love them – and they not just for boys either. My 6 and 8 year old girls love them too!   The Hasbro line of Marvel role-play toys can help create the ultimate costume based on popular Super Heroes (like IRON MAN, HULK, THOR or CAPTAIN AMERICA from MARVEL’S THE AVENGERS or SPIDER-MAN and THE LIZARD from THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN); but I love that these toys are affordable and will keep my son entertained long after his Halloween sugar rush is over!

You can find out more information about the products that I reviewed at the Hasbro website:



We will be giving away 1 set of the role-play toys just reviewed, which includes: THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN HERO FX MASK ($19.99) and THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN HERO FX CHEST LIGHT ($6.99) and THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN HERP FX GLOVE ($12.99). How cool!




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Best Buy I recently wrote about my family's trip to Best Buy to pick up our Xbox 360 + Kinect game system.  The kids were so excited to head over to Best Buy to get our own Xbox and they have been enjoying using it in our home ever since!

My website was chosen to work with Best Buy and their Mi Cultura initiative, highlighting mom bloggers and how we are celebrating our “cultura” this Hispanic Heritage month.  How exciting to partner with Best Buy - they recognize the important dates and holidays in our Latino community!

I knew that my kids would love our Xbox,  but I wasn't sure how much I would enjoy it.  Well, I love it!   I have already looked into what fitness games I can purchase and my husband loves playing any game against the kids. Since our game collection is still relatively small, the kids have already added a few games that we have researched to the their Christmas lists!

Here are the kids dancing away!

One of the things that I have most enjoyed about the Xbox is that it has allowed our family to spend some more time together. My husband travels a lot for work and our family life with 4 young children is hectic, so having one activity that we can all enjoy is a great way to spend time together.  Another BIG benefit of the Xbox 360 + Kinect is that my kids are moving around A LOT because their bodies are the control for the gaming system!

Actually, their favorite use for the Xbox 360 + Kinect is the Just Dance For Kids game. The kids love it!  I really like it too because it reminds me of the good times I spent with my cousins as a kid in Mexico. It was so much fun spending time with my cousins in our parents small hometown.  One of my favorite memories was getting the “boom box” out and playing all sorts of loud music in our patio.  We loved traditional nortenas, cumbias and mariachi music.  We would stay up late, just listening to the music and practicing our dancing too!

Check out some of the ways in which Best Buy is committed to it's Spanish speaking clients.

  • Best Buy has over 1,000 stores in the US with Spanish-speaking sales associates in more than 300 locations.
  • Best Buy offers a total Spanish-language experience via Best Buy ESP for your shopping convenience.
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  • The easiest way to give gifts your friends and familia is with a Best Buy You can buy them easily on their website and then have them delivered immediately via email.  They have several egiftcard options in Spanish, these are some of my favorites.

Best Buy GiftCardBest Buy Giftcard

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Mi Best Buy

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OrganWise Guys

In our home we try to do our best to teach our 4 young kids the importance of taking care of their bodies. A lot of this happens when we shop for groceries or when we make dinner together by simply explaining to the kiddos why it is that we are buying certain foods, why we avoid others or why we prepare/cook food in a particular fashion. However, I am always looking for fun, creative and interactive ways to engage them in learning about health and nutrition. That’s why I was so excited to learn about The OrganWise Guys Inc. and their In The House! kit - it's aimed at helping children form healthy habits in ways that kids love.

OrganWise Guys

The OrganWise Guys Inc. started in 1993 with a simple idea – to inspire individuals to take charge of their health by taking on personal responsibility for their choices. Helping our children form healthy habits BEFORE bad ones set in is such an important lesson to teach, especially when we consider the increasing numbers of childhood obesity! It can be hard for busy families to stay on top of making healthy choices all the time.  That's exactly why it's so essential to help our children form healthy habits early on and give them the tools so they can make healthy choices on their own.

Enter the OrganWise Guys (OWG) – super cute organ characters that love teaching young audiences about making healthy choices. Yes, we all want healthy kids and healthy families! The OWG In The House! kit features 5 of these super cute organ characters in an engaging healthy behavior tracking program that helps families like mine really work on establishing healthy goals with young children.



The OrganWise Guys In the House! Kit includes the following:

Colorful carry case

5 fun-filled books (with healthy tracking tools)

  • Getting Started with In the House
  • Hardy Heart In the House! – Choose Low-Fat
  • Peri Stolic In the House! – Choose High-Fiber
  • The Kidney Brothers In the House! – Choose Water
  • Madame Muscle In the House! – Choose exercise

Plush OrganWise Guys (rewards for healthy behaviors)


When the mail carrier delivered my package for this review I made the mistake of opening it in front of my kids. Had I been more cautious I would have read the big letters on the introduction letter that read, “Please don’t open this In The House! box in front of your children.” Why? There are 5 OrganWise Guys beanies that are to be used as rewards after each week of healthy habit tracking, but these are a SECRET. Thankfully my kids didn’t see the beanies, but they knew I was hiding something cool in the brown shipping box, so they kept asking me for days "What's in the box?"

Yes, the kiddos were so excited to FINALLY see what was inside! I am not sure which picture is funnier!

OrganWise GuysOrganWise Guys

Ok, now that were calm again we read the Getting Started book and decided which OWG rule our family wanted to work on during the first week.

OWG OrganWise Guys

This involved A LOT of discussion among the kids, but finally they decided to "Choose Water" with The Kidney Brothers in The House.

OrganWise GuysOrganWise GuysOrganWise Guys

I love that kids are given enough time to really practice putting these habits in place. As a busy mom it can be so hard for me to stay on top of all the healthy reminders that I want my kids to work on, but the tracking system of  7 consecutive days is great! Once your child has completed each book they sign the last page and put the book back "In the House." Then, while they are sleeping you slip the appropriate OWG beanie into the box and then next morning (over a healthy breakfast) your child can find their own OWG beanie reward! Then you move onto your next book for the upcoming week, starting the path to establishing healthy habits with another goal.

In a home like ours where we have more than 1 child, The OrganWise Guys Inc. allows you to make copies of the tracking pages in their books. Perfect! My 8 year-old is “in the know” of the secret rewards and is encouraging her younger siblings to make healthy choices and track their progress.

We are 1/2 way through week 1 and my kids are loving it!  We have also gone to The OrganWise Guys website to learn more about healthy living.   I will make sure to post a picture of my kids seeing their 1st reward!

OrganWise Guys

Well, talking about the OrganWise Guys got my children REALLY excited about making healthy choices this week. Since they love to come up with plays and perform them for our family they decided to come up with one about making healthy lifestyle choices. Check it out!

The OrganWise Guys motto is, “We love who we live in so please take care of us!” I hope that you will take some time to learn about how they can help your children establish healthy habits for life. Some of you who follow this blog may know that I grew up in a very traditional Hispanic community and food was a big part of my life. Unfortunately, a lot of what we ate was not good for our health – Mexican food tends to be high in saturated fat, calories and unhealthy carbohydrates.  With such a high diabetes rate in our country and growing obesity rates among our country's youth, especially Hispanic children, I love that the OrganWise Guys Inc. is providing a proactive solution to these health problems!

Learn more about them at:






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Friday, 28 September 2012 10:48

Milk Helps With A Good Night Sleep & Giveaway!

"It's time to go to bed."   These words are often met with moans from children, but establishing a bedtime ritual or bedtime routine can do wonders in helping your children get to bed a little easier. With school back in session and after school activities in full swing, I need my kids to be well rested so a bedtime routine in our home is important.

In our family, reading has been a part of our bedtime ritual since my oldest child was a still baby. I remember when she was so tiny, often wondering if she had any interest in the words I was reading to her.   Every night I would bathe her, feed her and then snuggle up with her on the bed to read to her.   Eventually, she started to “read” to me – babbling all sorts of things as she pointed excitedly to the pictures in the book.  This time is very memorable to me - mostly because I discovered a whole new set of favorite storybooks. 

When my second daughter was born, I had two little people in the bed with me participating in this awesome bedtime routine. Fast forward a few years and our bedtime reading time still takes place, but this time with 4 young kids! After dinnertime and once we make sure that homework is complete, they have a bath and then we read for about 20 minutes.  It’s hard to get them all in one place for our reading time because they have separate bed times, so usually my oldest (who is now 8.5 years old) reads to one of the kids to help me out.  I LOVE that she wants to read to her siblings and that her siblings love having a big sister read to them - they enjoy the different voices that she gives the characters.  She does a MUCH better job than mom! In the pictures below she is reading "Las Olas De La Luna" (The Waves Of The Moon).  Now that she is old enough to have more responsibilities, she pours the glasses of milk that my kids drink before going bed.  I find that having a glass of milk as part of their bedtime routine helps them sleep better - which is very nice for me!                                                                        

Sometimes we get a little creative with our bedtime routine, like on this night when we attended a “library night" at my daughter’s school. One of the school rooms was transformed into a storytime wonderland, complete with lots of books, live storytelling and milk for the kids.  How cute!

Now that my 6-year-old is reading, she also likes to help me out at bedtime by reading to her younger brothers.  I just love this picture of her reading to her younger brother!  The baby of my family is now 1.5-years-old and although he can't read he sees lots of reading going on around the house.  I am not sure why my pictureless prayer book interested him, but hey, I love that he was babbling outloud pretending to read!

We have many favorite bedtime books and stories around our house, but our latest favorites are found at You can visit the site and download some adorable bedtime stories that you and child can read together as part of your bedtime ritual.  The stories are a great way for you and your child to spend quality time together and help them prepare for a good night's sleep. One of my son’s favorites is “Elena The Slurping Monkey” while my daughters LOVE “Benito the Elephant.” These stories are also available in Spanish, which is wonderful since I am always looking for ways to practice it with my kids.  The characters are super cute too!

Make sure to check out the stories, enter our GIVEAWAY (see below) and visit “Maestro del Vaso Medio Lleno” on Facebook.

GIVEAWAY:  One (1) Two month supply of milk via a $40 Walmart Gift Card, and a *hard copy of the Bedtime Stories Book Collection.

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Disclosure: This is part of a sponsored campaign with the California Milk Processor Board and Latina Mom Bloggers. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

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Home Depot logoI love decorating for the Christmas season, but I like to stick to a budget when making purchases that add holiday cheer to my home and I have my staple stores that I hit every year. I know from experience that they are going to provide me with a large selection of stylish and quality items at affordable prices.  This year I am adding The Home Depot to my list or preferred places to shop for Christmas decorations.  Did you know that The Home Depot carries a wide selection of decorating items for inside and outside the home?

My daughter and I planned our whole afternoon around our Home Depot trip last Sunday.  First, we stopped for hot cocoa, of course!  We hadn’t even gone into the store when I spotted two things that I love – Christmas trees and poinsettas. The live Christmas tree area was set up in the parking lot and it was busy! Since we already had our tree, I opted for two miniature trees instead. These trees are perfect for adding that holiday charm to other rooms in your home or for greeting your holiday guests at your front door. By the way, I was trying to carry the two mini trees, which were a bit heavy considering they were small, to a cart.  I must have looked like I needed help - a very helpful employee brought me a cart, nice!

Home Depot Fiestas Trip PoinsettaRight next to the minature Christmas trees I found my next “must have” item – a potted poinsettia plant. I LOVE the poinsettia, or flor de nochebuena, because they remind me of many Christmas celebrations spent in Mexico.  The flower is everywhere this time of year in Mexico, including my abuelita's courtyard!  Did you know that this popular holiday flower was discovered in Mexico and that the Aztecs prized them for their curative properties and red pigment? Joel Roberto Poinsett (1770-1851),U.S.’s ambassador to Mexico following Mexico´s Independence from Spain, is responsible for introducing this beautiful flower to the US and for making it a symbol of Christmastime! Ok, but I digress with the history lesson…..Seeing the poinsettias in such abundance at the store brought back a wonderful sense of nostalgia from my childhood, so my daughter and I picked this one to decorate our home.

Home Depot Christmas LED Lights Next, we finally made it inside the store and immediatley we were greeted with the tunes of the season over the speakers - gotta love that Christmas music!  And more poinsettias and my other favorite flower - the amaryllis, so pretty!

We made our way past the large assortment of artificial trees in pretty much any size, shape and style you could want.  Then we headed to the lights, but stopped and checked out the ornaments first! Wow, what a selection! The Martha Stewart brand caught my attention right away - you can pull together a very lovely and coordinated look with ornaments from the Woodland, Celebrate and North Pole collections, all very nice but different to suite any taste.

Ok, on to the lights.  The store had a HUGE selection! My daughter and I browsed for about 15 minutes before settling on some super stylish Martha Stewart lighted garland and mini LED lights for my tree. In my quest to keep things "green" around our home,  I made sure that the lights we pruchased this year were LED.  Did you know that LED lights help save on energy costs, last longer than incandescent bulbs, and are cool to the touch when lit (super important for me because I have young kids)?   The Home Depot had a very large sign above the light section outlining the different types of lights they sold, clearly comparing the various kinds, which was very helpful in guiding my purchase.

Home Depot holiday scentsWe found our lights, now on to fill a missing element in our home - holiday scent! That's right, I LOVE the rich aroma of cinnamon, nutmeg, peppermint and vanilla that fill the air, so I was very excited to find a large selection of holiday scented candles and air fresheners.  My daughter loved the vanilla Glade scents, so we stocked up for season!

Now that we had all that we needed we browsed the store for quite some time.  I didn't know that I could buy stockings, doormats and tree skirts too!   I made a mental note that next year I need to start my decorating shopping at The Home Depot.  Then I spotted the perfect gift for my husband - yay!  He reads my blog, so I won't say what I bought!

I thought my daughter and I would be in and out of the store in about 30 minutes, but the trip took us 1.5 hours -  there was just that much to check out!  I was very impressed with their selection of decorating items, and the prices were definitely budget friendly.

So, would you like to check out The Home Depot too this holiday season too?   Enter our contest below to win a (1) $50 gift card!

GIVEAWAY: (1) $50 Home Depot Gift Card 

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  • Prize is provided by The Home Depot.

This is part of a compensated campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and The Home Depot. The Home Depot works with bloggers such as myself to conduct product reviews. They do not tell bloggers what to say about their products or how to say it. The Home Depot fundamentally believes that people should be free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. The Home Depot often provides product - free of charge - to bloggers for review as they did for this post. The Home Depot's policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, FTC guidelines and social media engagement recommendations. The Home Depot provided me with a gift card to shop for the holidays and post my experience. All opinions expressed in this article are my own and not influenced in any way by anyone.

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