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Make a Snack Basket

Snack BasketHealthy Snacking (Part 1)

Whether you have kids or not, make a snack basket you or the kids can grab from at any time or when you are on the go.  I got this idea from a friend of mine and I LOVE it!  

The snacks are portioned out and it saves time. If you have kids, you can be confident that they have relatively healthy snacks to go help themselves to, and if you don’t, you have ready pre-portioned snacks for yourself!

I use whole apples, boxes of raisins, snack baggies full of cheerios, dried fruit, almonds and trail mix. You may also want to add low-fat pretzels, ginger snaps and flavored rice cakes.   You can keep your basket in your pantry or countertop where your children can easily reach it.  In addition to your snack basket – which mostly contains grain based snacks – it’s a good idea to keep lots of fruits and veggies on hand for snacking.  Keep fruit, veggies and dairy items for snacking in a designated drawer or shelf in your fridge for your kids.

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