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Creating a “Green” Baby Basket

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Green Baby Shower BasketWhy a “green” baby basket?

For baby’s and mama’s health, of course! When making a green basket, stick to natural and BPA-free products. Make the basket according to the steps outlined in our How to Make a Unique Baby Shower Basket article. This basket contains some of our favorite natural and eco-friendly products for baby and mom, but feel free to include your favorite natural products and personal touches.

What you will need from the craft store:

  • 1 medium to large sized wicker basket – to hold the gift items together
  • 1 package of paper or crinkle shred – to line the inside of the basket
  • 1 package of plant “stakes” – to help keep the items visible in the basket
  • 1 square foam brick – to keep items from sinking to the bottom of the basket
  • Packing tape – to tape the back of the items to the plant “stakes”
  • Tulle, ribbon and any other decorative touches – to embellish your basket

Products used in this basket:

For Baby
  • Burt’s Bees Diaper Ointment
  • 1 package of eco friendly diapers, like 7th Generation or Nature Babycare
  • California Baby Shampoo and Lotion
  • Trumpette Socks
For Mom
  • Earth Mama Baby Angel “Booby Tubes”
  • Earth Mama Nipple Butter
  • Burt’s Bee Lip Balm & L’Occitane bar soap
  • 1 sheet of 20 custom stamps from
  • Custom stationery set with pen

Green Baby Shower    Basket

Steps 1, 2 and 3: Items for baby and mom used in the “green” basket.

Green Baby Shower    Basket

For an extra touch, we added personalized stationery that we made for the mom-to-be using pre-cut cardstock from a local stationery store and baby themed stamps and embellishments. You can opt to buy a boxed set and tie it together with a ribbon. Mom will appreciate a set of thank you stationery for all the gifts she and baby receive.

Green Baby Shower Basket - Custom StampsMom will love these custom stamps from!

Packaging items: paper shred, ribbon, tulle and a white foam brick.

Green Baby Shower  Basket: Packaging itemsStep 4:

Gather all items into the basket. For this basket, we first placed the white foam brick at the bottom center of the basket. The four sides around the foam board were filled with the extra diapers. Paper shred was added to the top of the foam board and diapers. The remaining items were arranged on top of the paper shred, with the smaller items towards the front of the basket.

Green Baby Shower  Basket

In order for some of the items to stay in place, we taped one plant “stake” to the back of the items and then pushed the stake through the foam board.

Items are arranged in basket, with smaller items in the front. Make sure that all items are visible.

Green Baby Shower  BasketStep 5:

Green Baby Shower  BasketAdd decorative elements and wrap the basket if you like. The “little man” tag was so cute, but we added a blank blue card stock to the back to write down a description of all the items included in the basket. A homemade gift tag and layers of tulle add a whimsical touch. The finished basket was wrapped in cellophane and tied with polka dot ribbon. The details matter, let your creative side come through!

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