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Bedtime Made Easier

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Do you feel like you're losing the bedtime battle?

Going to Bed Checklist - PinkYou can find a great deal of research by sleep experts on how establishing a good night time routine with young children is important to their overall well being.

KGoing to Bed Checklist - Boysids know what the next step is and what the result will be – sleep! Establishing a routine requires consistency and allows for your child to have some choices. For example, the adult must establish the bedtime and how much sleep the child needs. The child may choose their pajamas or bedtime stuffed animal, if they sleep with one.

The National Sleep Foundation has some very helpful guidelines on how much sleep your child should be getting and other helpful sleep resources here.

Try using one of our Going to Bed Checklists to help your child practice establishing a night time routine.

Going to Bed Checklist - for Girls and BoysPrint the document once a week for each child and place in a location where your child can see it as they get ready for bed, like near their bed or bedroom door. Feel free to personalize it, like by adding a picture of your child brushing their teeth in the bottom right hand corner.” As extra motivation, you may consider giving your child a sticker next to each day that they complete all the tasks.

Word format files:

[BLUE Checklist-DOC] [PINK Checklist-DOC]  [Boy/Girl Checklist-DOC]

PDF format files:

[BLUE Checklist-PDF] [PINK Checklist-PDF]  [Boy/Girl Checklist-PDF]

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